Lake District lakes map

What are they?

Scratch off posters. Use them to plan your next trip, and keep track of where you've been. Each map has a range of different places to visit including peaks, lakes, waterfalls and places of interest to help you see the best of the parks - and all are free to go to!

They are A2 size, printed on high quality, thick silk paper here in the UK. Once scratched it reveals a different colour underneath so you can keep track of your adventures, you can also add the date you visited next to the name and you have a time capsule of adventures to be treasured for years to come.

A great talking point when hung on your wall, a fun way to plan a trip, an exciting way to plan dates and an easy way to get the kids interested in where they’ve been & want to go next!

Buy a map and donate!

The UK National Parks Scratch Poster is sold in aid of the UK National Parks Foundation and £1 from every one sold goes directly to the charity. The Foundation is a charity that supports work that improves, protects or enhances the National Parks and programmes that connect people and communities with these special landscapes. Visit to discover more.

Commitment to the Environment

I am striving to have a positive impact on the landscapes that inspire the maps, a few steps that I am taking are:

- The maps are printed in the UK by an FSC certified printers

- The tubes that are used to post the maps are made in the UK and made from recycled and recyclable materials

- For every UK map sold £1 goes directly to the UK National Parks Foundation

- For every item sold on the website we plant a tree though Ecologi

If you know of any local efforts that need some support then let me know.

What our customers say

Really pleased with the quality and appearance. I look forward to tracking our adventures on it, revisiting places we’ve already been to and also explore all of the places we’ve yet to discover


It’s a beautiful map and such a great idea, it’s going to be a wonderful reminder of our adventures


Very impressed with the quality of the map and how quickly it arrived


Loving the detail and the opportunity to reminisce on visiting each of the tors and POIs


I have it framed on my wall, it provides me with inspiration to get out onto the Moors and discover places I wouldn’t have come across without it



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