The Story

Where it all started – Dartmoor

For years Dartmoor has been such a big part of my work and recreational life. I have led many school groups on Dartmoor for Ten Tors training and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and regularly visit to climb, walk, cycle and run in this stunning National Park.

For a few years I wanted a fun way of recording where I had been and after much deliberation and friends saying they want one the Dartmoor Scratch Off Map was finally born. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the Tors or points of interest, it is a selection of what I think are the highlights of the Moor. I have included the reservoirs, forests, some historical sites and places of legend. Some of the Tors are included for their height, the view they offer, some for the their remoteness  and some just to try and make you explore outside of the popular areas and try to get some solitude.

However often you venture onto the Moor, I hope you use the map to find new favourite walks and picnic spots. Let it take pride of place on your wall, and use it as a conversation piece to talk about your latest outings.

I hope it will keep you exploring the Moors for years to come.

The story continues…

After the great success of the Dartmoor Scratch Off Map I decided that there must be a need for a National scale version. And there was!

It took longer than expected to come up with the highlights of each of the National Parks and to decide on the final ‘top ten’ lists. The places that are marked on the map are not to be missed but do spend the time doing your own research and find those hidden gems as I couldn’t fit everything on the map. I made the decision to only add places that are free to enter, although they may require parking charges.

At the bottom of the map there are an extra 30 squares to be scratched off, see them as challenges, wish lists or even reasons to travel. There is a suggested top ten list for what wildlife to spot, outdoor activities to do, and mountains to climb. I stress the word ‘suggested’ as they are deeply contested lists, have fun debating your own top ten lists! I do hope they will inspire you to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, it’s a great way to encourage the kids to get out too!

We are constantly adding new ideas to the range and releasing them as soon as they are ready so make sure you are following us on Instagram to be the first to find out.

The maps would not have happened without the creative stylings (and patience) of Stella, a great illustrator, she should be the go to for all your design needs…

Happy exploring,